Our Story

"Dreaming of Kate" is the creation of Dutch professional singer and dancer Maaike Breijman, who started working together with a Liverpool based band in 2011 to create a live music show to perform the songs of Kate Bush live on stage. While singing Kate's songs is a challenge in itself, ambitious, theatre minded Maaike decided that the ultimate Kate Bush tribute show would involve dance routines and numerous costume changes too.

In 2013, the band toured across the UK and Holland with what was then known as "Wow - A Celebration of the Music and Artistry of Kate Bush", and received standing ovations in all 14 theatres, among which the famous Shepherds Bush Empire (London) and Royal Theatre Carré (Amsterdam). Their audience included members of the Kate Bush fan club in both countries, and celebrities like Bonehead (Oasis), Vinny Peculiar, Johnny Robinson (X-Factor), and Del Palmer.

After splitting - due to various reasons - with the producer of "Wow" (who then got offered a production job for Kate's own Before the Dawn show), the full band and lead singer Maaike decided to continue the project. With the conviction that performing Kate Bush’ music requires dedication to the look and performance, the band and Maaike developed Dreaming of Kate as a theatrical show. This means Maaike is not just a lead singer: she sings, dances, plays the piano and puts herself through a number of costumes changes. Maaike says: “The concept of the show can be a bit confusing. People expect us to be a regular band since we are a band. But with all the costume changes, dance routines and props we are more than that. On the other hand, we are not performing a musical or any particular story, which is what people expect when you say ‘costumes’ and ‘stage props’. We aim to perform, well… a fantasy, a dream.”

What others think of us

"Maaike keeps you transfixed and transformed to a world that is a million miles from home"
(J.J. Haggar - Wordpress)

"This was artistry at its most scintillating"
(Ian D. Hall - Liverpool Sound and Vision)

“The moves, the dancing, the costumes, the facial expressions were all as you’d imagine how Kate would perform a concert as Maaike morphed into Kate. She was completely uninhibited, free and believable and the audience loved her.” 
(Yvonne Delahaye - uktheatre.net)

"Yes, once again, Maaike succeeds in performing Kate's music in a way that makes you see how Kate herself would do it. Even the fans who saw the show back in 1979 confirm this." 
(Kate Bush fanclub - The Netherlands)

“Breijman is quite a marvel. Capturing Bush in her dance moves, voice and look – sometimes it’s quite scary.”  
(Jo-Anne Rowney -getbucks.co.uk)