Born and raised in the city of Haarlem (The Netherlands), Dreaming of Kate’s lead singer Maaike Breijman has always been a bit out of the ordinary. Having a keen interest in a wide variety of musical styles and disciplines, Maaike has a very broad musical background. She has been the lead- and backing vocalist of many bands, varying from symphonic rock to gothic metal and from Gypsy jazz to Irish folk. This versatility even made her the runner up for a Cirque du Soleil show.  

A perfectionist at heart with a strong belief that nothing is impossible, Maaike manages to enchant any audience with her stage presence and performance. She can switch from an up tempo song with an energetic dance routine to an intimate, self-accompanied piano ballad in a matter of seconds, and manages to astound the audience equally with both. The role of Kate Bush in Dreaming of Kate fits Maaike like a glove. The intricate songs, the costume changes and the visual aspect of the whole show are right up her alley.