After our kick off last week in Lincoln, Dreaming of Kate had to get ready for a weekend of shows in Holland. We have had rehearsals, meetings and we had to travel to Holland. And in our case that always seems to present unexpected challenges.
On Thursday morning, sound engineer Ben and light engineer Zak drove off from Liverpool to Haarlem, after having the battery replaced, because of course the van had broken down in the middle of the night on Wednesday. They had to pick up Zaks new passport on the way too (we all kept our fingers crossed the passport would indeed be ready). With Manchester airport closed down due to the snow, I kept a close eye on the weather conditions in both Liverpool and Amsterdam.
We all arrived in my old house in Haarlem (which hasn’t been sold yet) on Thursday evening. My lovely neighbour had already received and signed for the first merchandise that had been delivered earlier that week, and we found boxes full of posters, flyers and yoyos in my house. Obviously, we immediately started testing them, and found out guitarist Liam has come good yo-yoing skills!
On Friday morning I drove to Den Haag for an interview at Omroep West, accompanied by Ben and Zak. As usual on a show day I was wearing my top hat, and this time it fitted especially well with the fancy dress outfits of the hosts of the show, who were having a British themed show. The atmosphere was very friendly and relaxed, and after a chat and a couple of songs for the show we left in a rather good mood to Zoetermeer for our show that night.
By now, we are so used to performing in theatres that it is almost adventurous to perform in front of a standing audience. The audience in De Boerderij was standing very close to the stage from the very start of the show, and because the room was quite light I think I have seen virtually every face in the audience.
Afterwards, I have spoken to some people near the merch stand (which was a first for us), and I was delighted to hear that so many people had seen me before and have seen so many of our shows so far. Some of them had even seen my second ever Kate Bush performance, about seven years ago. It feels good to have a following that is that loyal, who have seen me grow in my role and who have seen the show getting better and better.
Today, we’re in Uden, where we’re setting up as we speak. I’m delighted to have three shows in Holland, with family and friends coming to see me at all three shows. So once again: we’re looking forward to tonight’s show!

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