Today is a lovely sunny day in Basingstoke, which is where we spent the night after our show in Newbury yesterday.

We usually don't get to see much of the places we visit to perform. It's a shame, but that's what life on the road is like: we get in the van in the morning, we arrive at the theatre early afternoon, and we're pretty much working until we leave the theatre. Then on the way back we grab something to eat at a chippy or a service station. Not very glamourous, I know!

Yesterday, we visited the local kebab shop opposite the theatre, which gave us a lovely impression of the town (not the kebab shop, but the cobble stone street). It seemed to match the lovely audience we had that evening. 

After our shows in Holland, with a standing audience so close the stage I could touch them, it took some getting used to to have a gap between the stage and the first row. But even though the people were further away, I could see a lot of smiling faces again! After the show, we met some of our fans, including our youngest visitor so far: 6 year old Flo, wearing a red dress, just like Kate in the Wuthering Heights video. And she told me she can play Running up that Hill on her drumkit too! Who wouldn't like fans like that coming to their show?

Needless to say we had a great evening yesterday, and we're hoping tonight's show in Uckfield's Trading Boundaries will be just as good...

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