So now it is 2015.

Dreaming of Kate is about to start a busy and exciting year. We'll be visiting lots of new places throughout the UK and the Netherlands, and hopefully even more within and beyond those borders.

I have been travelling back and forth between my house in Liverpool and my house in Haarlem for several months now. Our diary permitted me to spend more time in Holland than in the UK though, and so I have. But now it is 2015 and I have to move forward and spend more time in the UK. And so a couple of days from now, I will be driving to Liverpool with a car full of stuff I am emotionally attached to. I love my house in Liverpool, and I love the fact that it has been a bit like camping, but maybe it is time I knew what kitchen utensils I have before finding out  while I'm cooking. And maybe it would be good to have photos and letters of my friends in my new house. And that painting my grandmother made when I was seven. And the silly little gifts my friends gave me when we performed at the royal theatre Carré in Amsterdam in 2013. And my father's childhood photos. And the little glass bottle my mother once gave me when I was feeling horrible, which had been given to her by my grandfather when she was in a similar situation.

Moving to Liverpool has always been a logical thing to do for me, and my friends and family have been proud of me and happy for me that I made that decision. And of course I have been rational about the whole thing. I have had a gazillion things to take care of and it was the right decision, so it wasn't a very big deal, right? And now is the moment that it hits me: it is quite something to move to another country. I know a lot of people in Liverpool and it makes sense to live in the country you have your business. And my friends and family from Holland are very eager to come and visit, but I have seen most of my friends in Holland quite regularly lately and all of a sudden it seems a lot tougher to leave them behind. 

Luckily, it is very easy to travel from my house in Liverpool to Holland (thanks to Easyjet), and I think I will still spend a considerable amount of time with my friends and family in Holland. And I'm sure it will all be OK. But for now I think I need to soak in this feeling and deal with it, rather than being rational about it. 

So with my purring cats next to me, while drinking some Chocomel and looking forward to my dinner (which we do not call tea!) of old fashioned Dutch stamppot, I will continue to reminisce for a little while before moving on. And meanwhile I wish you all a wonderful 2015, may all your dreams come true!


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