I should not be allowed to perform wireless; adrenaline makes me unpredictable and a hazard, mostly to myself. In Belfast, I am known as "the girl who fell of a stage", a story that apparently recently has made its way into Liverpool because one of the people who witnessed that incident is now a reporter (I believe) in Liverpool. When I think about it, I'm lucky to never have really injured myself, although Madonna has now taught me that even with proper planning and rehearsing of all your moves, you can hurt yourself severely during performances.

Yesterday's show in Uckfield's Trading Boundaries was our second sell out! The venue is quite unusual: an old, beautifully maintained building and courtyard holding shops selling gorgeous furniture and other items from around the world. If you walk through the shops in the main building, you end up in the venue: a cafe/restaurant where the audience is treated to a concert during their main course. 

The staff were as lovely as the venue; they made sure we felt more than welcome and helped us with whatever we needed. And since we weren't dealing with a regular stage, we encountered some challenges (like creating a quick change area, or expanding the stage slightly, so I would be able to use the whole front part af the stage). They gave us one of the best dressing rooms ever (it might be a tie with the dressing room Jerney and I had at the Manchester Opera House, where we had several rooms, inclusing a living room and a bathroom with a proper bath). Our dressing room was one of the shops and it contained some lovely furniture, including a super kingsize bed with a memory foam mattress: quite a torture for musicians who have had to stay at a Travelodge and sleep on fold out single beds that resemble ironing boards more than anything else. I tried to tell my band members I was moving in that dressing room, but they all decided they wanted to live there too, so I let go of that idea...

Before we went on stage, sound engineer Ben asked me if I was planning on walking around much. I grinned... I started Moving at the side of the stage and walked around the room. It did take a while though before people realized Jerney wasn't the one singing and I was actually somewhere else than on the stage. The response in the first set was great, and in the second set, I wanted to raise the energy even more. By the time we were playing The Big Sky, I was walking around the whole room, enjoying all the people clapping along. Then the unpredictable, adrenaline fuled me took over, and in one mega-jump, I managed to move a bottle that was in my way, and stand on the bar just in time for the line "And we pause for the jet". I jumped off (again: in one jump) and had to rush back to the stage for the rest of the song.

It is only after the show I start to realize "that could have gone horribly wrong", but luckily it didn't! The staff said this was the most their room had been used by a performer. We can't wait to come back to this place, though I can't promise I'll do the same jump again (though you never know what I might do next time).

Still buzzing from a wonderful weekend, we had to drive home, all the way to Liverpool. And to make matters worse: due to various delays, we didn't get back home until 7:30 in the morning, completely knackered... 

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