27 March, 2015 

When we arrived in our hotel in Basingstoke last night, our drummer Paul greeted the fella at the door with “Hi, it’s us again!” I don’t know whether or not the guy really recognized us (although I don’t think they have girls wearing battered top hats checking in in the middle of the night on a regular basis; that might have rung a bell), but at least he was kind enough to pretend that he did… 

So here we are again, in Basingstoke, with the noise of the motorway on the background of the sound of the chirping birds. This morning, we travel to the Isle of Wight for a show at the Medina Theatre, after yesterday’s show in Windsor. We’re obviously on the road a lot; four hour drives are quite common for us by now. And we have our routines when visiting services. We Jerney and I head to the ladies room, then get food (sandwiches during the day, crisps at night) and coffee (always, because we’re Dutch and we drink coffee like the English drink tea). We tell the girl at the counter our name to write on our cups, both our names get misspelled (although this time I decided to take a different approach, see photo). We walk back to the van, where most of the guys already are. We wait for Paul, and we continue our journey. 

All these little routines kind of help to get into the feel of a show day though, and I by now our preparations are more and more the well-oiled machine they should be. And so I was delighted to actually have some time to step out of the theatre yesterday. Especially since we were in Windsor, and both the weather and the scenery were gorgeous! 

The Theatre Royal is a lovely old theatre; the kind I love, but also the kind that’s likely to present some challenges. Luckily, the in house crew were very helpful, quick, and they had a good eye for detail. My quick change area was set up on the other side of the stage (so I wouldn’t block the fire exit), and it may have been the most professionally set up quick change area we have had so far: a proper box created by drapes from the theatre (and not sheets from the nearest supermarket, like I had in Wolverhampton recently). When asked them to cover a couple of edges with black tape, because I would be barefooted for the whole show, someone was ordered to check the whole stage for any screws that were sticking out and could potentially injure me. It’s little things like that that make so much difference for me on a show day…

The audience were lovely! When I gave the rose in Strange Phenomena to someone in the audience, his eyes lit up and he actually asked “For me??” Another man in the front row was thoroughly enjoying the music, closing his eyes from time to time and waving his arms back and forth like he was our conductor. I could see a lot of faces in the audience, though I could tell the lights that were behind me on stage were quite harsh for the audience. I did tell lighting engineer Zak in the break, and he tried to take them down a bit, so they would blind our audience at least for the second half.

Apart from a minor screw up in the intro of Babooshka and an almost-losing-my-balance in Wow (because I had forgotten to ask someone to put a line of white tape at the edge of the stage; that is what keeps me from falling after spinning), we got t hrough the show without any strange issues. I felt I had to make up for them though, and changed some of my moves slightly. Again: it was good to speak to people after the show. I am amazed some people have already seen us several times!

Now it is 8:30 on Saturday morning (though I can’t post this until I have WiFi), and Jerney and our assistant Arianne are still asleep. I think I’ll hit the shower; only 1.5 hours till we’re off again…

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