I started my adventure abroad (remember I am from The Netherlands) in 2010. I took my band from Holland to Belfast to perform a set of Kate Bush songs at the Belfast Taste and Music Fest. I have so many great memories of that festival that I could write a whole blog just about that show, but I won't. It is important to mention though, because that festival is where I met a lot of people from the UK. The whole festival fueled my ambition to perform abroad, and I stayed in touch with some of the people I met during that weekend. 

Paul Tsanos was at that festival too, though when I met him I did not know he was a musician. I think I first spoke to him after my performance, which is when I'm usually still high on adrenaline and my brain is a bit blurry. I do know he photographed the show, and we stayed in touch after the festival. He has always been involved in some way ever since, though initially mainly for advice. A year later though, I had to leave my band from Holland behind and Paul has been my drummer and MD ever since. We have been working musically on what became WOW The Show last year, and after parting with our management Paul and I have taken it upon ourselves to continue the project as Dreaming of Kate. 

Having someone like Paul involved has always made things a lot easier for me, both on and off the stage. Just like me, he likes challenges, which is what we need for this project.


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