Last summer I started introducing my band members, but due to all the craziness from getting our new tour on the road I never got round to finshing the project. With the end of the year in sight, it is about time I tell you a bit more about our guitarist Liam.

Dreaming of Kate is not a typical band. We are half Dutch and half British (which presents some cultural differences from time to time), we don't perform a rock and roll show and we play music that presents a lot of musical challenges. So we need a guitarist who can handle the Dutch directness, loves prog rock, has a keen ear and the creativity to find out what works best for the guitar parts on stage, and who doesn't mind not being in the spotlight during the show.

Liam fits the description perfectly. Before joining us, he wasn't a fan of Kate per se, but was aware of her music and found it really interesting. He may still be in his 20's, but he has been playing with drummer Paul and bass player Bobby for several years in different bands, and the routine of playing together creates a tightness on stage that makes it so much easier for me to perform. On top of that, Liam too has a good sense of humour (we're all about the dry humour in that band), which is a good thing if you have to spend as much time with each other as we do.

For this piece I asked him what he likes most about touring with Dreaming of Kate, and he replied: "I’d have to say the venues. It’s great to be playing theatres and performing a show thats a lot different to the usual “Gigs” I’ve become accustomed to. It's more of a “Theatrical Performance” than a traditional rock gig which is great for my ears as I’m not standing in front of a wall of blasting amps! Thats not to say we don’t rock out when we need to, see “Violin” and “The Big Sky” for said rocking out!"


Liam has been active on the Liverpool music scene since 2004 playing guitar and singing in a variety of original and cover/wedding/tribute bands in genres such as Indie, Pop, Metal and Progressive Rock. Playing Kate’s music brings a fresh and interesting challenge for Liam and playing the parts written by fantastic guitarists such as Alan Murphy and Ian Bairnson provides a fun and rewarding experience for the young guitarist. 

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  • Kaarin Goodburn
    Kaarin Goodburn Kettering, UK
    Loved your guitar tonight at the Stables. Wonderful Wuthering Heights solo!

    Loved your guitar tonight at the Stables. Wonderful Wuthering Heights solo!

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