From the moment I started working with a Liverpool based band, I have always insisted on bringing a backing vocalist from Holland with me. To me, a good backing vocalist has always been key to bringing Kate’s music to a live stage, since a lot of Kate’s songs have quite subtle and intricate, but recognizable backing vocals, usually recorded by Kate herself. Needless to say finding a good backing vocalist for a project like Dreaming of Kate can be quite a challenge: vocally we basically need two Kates (and Jerney’s second name isn’t why she got the job).
I was lucky to have worked with Jerney before, and even though I didn’t know her too well before we started our UK adventure, I had a feeling she was the one we needed for this project. Both vocally and as a person she is the perfect fit, (which is especially great for me, since we share hotel rooms and dressing rooms, and rehearse and travel together a lot).
Well, that was my side of how she got into this project, but what about Jerney’s own thoughts? “At one point, I decided to only take on musical projects that I really liked, with people I really like. Dreaming of Kate is such a project: musically it is quite challenging, it has the theatrical aspect I like, and I’m working with great people,” she says.
And for those of you who wonder, she adds: “I don’t mind being the backing vocalist. I have always loved singing close harmony and backing vocals. I wouldn’t even want to be in Maaike’s shoes for this project, but it’s great to be a part of it.”

The shores of the river Zaan (The Netherlands) are home ground for Dreaming of Kate’s backing vocalist Jerney Kate Molenaar. Between the water and the windmills, Jerney – whose last name coincidentally means ‘miller’ - grew up to be a down to earth, but not quite average singer. She has been the lead and backing vocalist in many – mostly short-term – projects, varying from close harmony to backing vocals to jingles for adverts to theatre productions. Today, aside from working on Dreaming of Kate, she is taking her acoustic tribute to Eva Cassidy to venues across Holland.
Jerney has always loved music that is meaningful and mature, but loves witty twists too. That paradox, combined with her musical talent, makes her the versatile vocalist she is: an unusual singer and a unique on stage personality.

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  • Steph Baker

    Steph Baker Liverpool

    Sounds brill. Cant wait

    Sounds brill. Cant wait

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