One of the first bass players I ever worked with told me to always focus on the bass when singing. That one line turned out one of the most defining musical lessons of my life. To me, the bass is the ground underneath my feet and defines a large part of the sound of any song. Needless to say, I am quite picky when it comes to bass players (initially, I had even insisted on bringing my favourite bass player from Holland, which turned out to be impossible), but Liverpool based Bobby Kewley had no trouble convincing me he was the right person for the job.
In Kate’s music, the bass always plays an important role. Not surprisingly, all bass players I can think of love Kate’s music, and Bobby is no exception. About his love for Kate Bush he says: “I love Kate’s music. I never owned any of her records but her music has been lurking around in my mind pretty much all of my life, ever since hearing Wuthering Heights as a young child in the 70’s.”
It was an absolute honour for us to welcome Kate’s own bass player Del Palmer in our audience last year. I know how nervous that made me, and decided to ask Bobby how he felt. He says: “I remember vividly, two minutes before we hit the stage at Shepherd’s Bush Empire, somebody shouting “Del Palmer’s in!” – No pressure then, I thought. I had heard that he might be coming but all of a sudden it was a reality. I didn’t freak out, but made sure I concentrated extra hard during Wow and The Wedding List, because I knew Del had played on those! Then, after the show, it was a total pleasure to meet Del and chat about his career with Kate; there were some fascinating stories. Ultimately, it was fantastic to know that Del enjoyed our show and he was very complimentary about my playing. High praise indeed!”
Bobby has been playing bass guitar for 25 years now, and has been a professional musician since 2004. He left his "proper" job as a civil servant and has never looked back. He has played in a variety of different projects and has travelled around the world doing what he loves to do. Although he has recently been having cello lessons, he is totally self-taught as a musician and plays intuitively rather than theoretically.
His ear is the greatest weapon in his musical arsenal!

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  • Gary Piears-Banton

    Gary Piears-Banton Surrey

    Bobby nails it.... a fantastic player with great feel and tone!

    Bobby nails it.... a fantastic player with great feel and tone!

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