Our third and last show in Holland for now was in my hometown Haarlem, and coincidentally on my mum’s birthday, which made it extra special…
Since we have been staying in Haarlem this weekend, we could leave about ten minutes before we had to be at the venue. We are quite used to leaving at about ten in the morning and then drive for hours before arriving at the venue, so this was a bit of a treat: time to relax!
The last time I played at the Patronaat was in 2001, when it was still a completely different building (though at the same spot). I have been at the new building several times though, and since Haarlem isn’t a very big city anyway, the venue always feels very familiar and home-like.
After a couple of shows back to back with exactly the same crew, preparations get easier by the day. We had now entered that phase where everyone knew what needed to be done without being told what to do, which created a more relaxed atmosphere throughout the day.
I could see a lot of the faces in the audience, and I was very pleased to see not only friends and family, but also people I hadn’t seen in a very long time. I saw people mouthing the words to the songs and we could tell the applause getting louder and louder throughout the show. Needless to see the whole show felt like home.
Of course there were tiny things that went wrong; every true Kate fan might have noticed my errors in This Woman’s Work, The Man With The Child In His Eyes and Running Up That Hill. Another thing that made this show memorable: because it was my mum’s birthday I decided to say something before Wuthering Heights. I usually don’t speak to the audience at all during the show for several reasons, one of them being I am not a native speaker, and while I can create the illusion I am Kate when I’m singing, when I’m speaking it is blatantly obvious that I’m not. I mentioned being proud performing in my hometown on my mother’s birthday. Which my mother completely missed by the way, because after my first sentence she got engaged in a conversation about the show!
Of course I had to end the night with friends and family, which is exactly what I did. The perfect way to end our little tour in Holland…


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