After our Kate-Busking adventure in London last week, there was no time left for us to sit back and relax whatsoever. After all, we had only one week to go until our first show of the season…
Rehearsals have been longer and more intense these last couple of days. Plus there were interviews, and there were a million things to sort out: last minute ideas for costumes and props, alterations to the set list, and very practical things like transport and so on… I always try and get a quiet day in between rehearsals and show days, because sometimes a little rest and focussing on yourself is more beneficial to a performance than going over things a hundred times while you’re exhausted and unable to absorb any more information anyway.
We decided not to have a rehearsal yesterday, but even so we had a busy day. In between a meeting with our sound engineer and shopping for missing bits and pieces, I decided to head over to Paul’s house to try and blow up the giant ball we use for Breathing on bigger stages. We had to buy a new one this year, since we didn’t trust the old one too much anymore. Blowing a thing like that up takes a long time, even with our electric leaf blower, so I decided to take a break. I was all alone and I couldn’t handle the leaf blower AND check the valve at the same time. I closed the zipper, which then wouldn’t open anymore… With no one there to help me, I decided to apologize to Paul for the giant half blown up ball in his front room, and join Hester and Jerney on their shopping assignment, which turned out to be far more successful than the experiment with the ball… In the evening, Paul sent me a message saying he couldn’t get the zipper to work either and that he was staring at a giant jellyfish-like monster in his front room. I think I might need to apologize to Paul’s housemate too…
Today is our warm up show as we call it. Telford’s Warehouse in Chester is a small stage, but I want to make the show as theatrical as possible given the circumstances. I haven’t slept too well, as I’m a bit nervous. As much as we may like what we do, it is always hard to predict whether or not the audience will like it. And the fact that we don’t have any extra dancers like we did last year, puts even more pressure on my performance (on top of Kate herself being back on stage and doing a brilliant job of course). I don’t have time to worry about that anymore though, as we’re about to load the van. Chester here we come!

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