Formally, I don't live in Liverpool. Formally. I no longer stay in hotels in the city centre when I'm over here though, but in a house in a more residential area. I know where all the nearest shops, parks and bus stops are, I have a UK telephone number and most importantly: I don't have to pack anything but clothes and a computer when I come over. On short trips, I travel with a small hand luggage size suitcase that was a gift from the wonderful people of the Dutch Kate Bush fan club. Here in Liverpool, there is a silver case that Jerney and I call 'our house', since it contains all our toiletries, make up and another hundred things I always forget it contains. It's like a little surprise every time I'm over.

This morning I had to get up and ready fairly early and I spent way too much time going through all the things in the case. It is jam packed and I kept forgetting what I was actually looking for, because there were too many other items distracting me, like scissors and acrylic paint and Nivea cream and nose spray. I usually don't put much effort into hair and make up in the morning, but today I had a session for Liverpool Live TV, so of course I wanted to look presentable.

Liverpool Live TV have done an item about me two years ago (which can be found here). It was my first broadcasted performance and interview, and I'm still quite happy about it. I was filmed at the Liverpool Philharmonic, and I played their grand piano for a couple of songs. The Phil being refurbished at the moment we needed another venue for this shoot, but finding one with a grand piano seemed to be a challenge on such short notice.

Luckily, we were allowed to record something at the lovely Capstone Theatre, using their grand piano. The Capstone is a university theatre, and a bit hard to find, but the room and the piano are wonderful, and so were Jamie an his staff from Liverpool Live TV. We chatted for a bit and went through a couple of songs. We wanted to make sure it will be a different item this time, and of course it is very tempting to play The Man With The Child In His Eyes again, especially since Jerney couldn't travel along with me this time. In the show itself, I only play a couple of songs myself (since I'm dancing most of the time), so it was quite challenging for me to get some of the songs right. I can only hope I succeeded. The footage is currently being edited, and I can't wait to see the end result...

For now, I have a couple of spare moments before meeting up with bass player Bobby tonight. I might even tidy up the house a bit...

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