It is now Monday morning and almost everyone in the Dreaming of Kate band and crew is in Liverpool by now. Keyboard player Louis has arrived from Holland yesterday, with a car filled with equipment, props and clothes. He has moved into 'our house' too. The house is a bit like a student house, and we refer to it as The House. 

Jerney, Louis and I have had a great day yesterday, with a walk through Sefton Park and a lot of jamming with our friends The Gamblers, and later that night even more jamming with just the three of us in a nearby bar. I was the first to head home though, knowing I would have to get up early for a 10:00 dance rehearsal.

And now it is Monday morning and I had a horrible sleep. The rest of the gang coming home woke me from a very deep sleep (which quite possibly involved a bad dream) in the middle of the night. I woke up frustrated and couldn't fall asleep for another hour or so. It wasn't getting better: before my alarm went off I had also been woken up by the neighbour dog, by a general feeling I had overslept and by a text message from our social media helper from Holland.

I am in the dance studio and I'm struggling. I had already had a short night followed by a morning dance rehearsal yesterday, but today frustration strikes. My body does not want to be upside down today, and I feel like every muscle in my body is still asleep. I have been trying to get the beginning of the new choreography for Running up that Hill right, but I struggle. It feels like I have to start over three times every time to get it right. It's not complicated, but for some reason I struggle. And I'm tired, I need to get some more sleep, if I want to focus on other routines, I I need some of the rehearsal videos that are not on the iPad I brought to the studio. I want my body and mind to cooperate. I can't motivate myself, I just want to lie on the floor and feel sorry for myself.

How to turn all this frustration around? I decided to write some of it down (hence this post). And I decided to try dancing Running up that Hill with my eyes closed, and without singing. And that was a brilliant idea, if I may say so myself. I felt more connected to the song again, and instead of wanting to lie on the floor and cry my eyes out, I wanted to dance the routine again!

I'll allow myself two more rounds of Running up that Hill and will quit this rehearsal a bit early. This afternoon and evening are all about band rehearsals. I will take a nap this afternoon though, thanks to lovely Jerney who offered to fill in for me for a while this afternoon so I can get some more sleep. I always feel guilty when I'm slacking, so I'm really happy I managed to find at least a little bit of use to this rehearsal, and I think I can convince myself a couple of hours of sleep will be beneficial to the second half of our band rehearsal tonight...

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