Preparing for a show is a lot more fun when you're not doing it all on your own!

I feel blessed with all the people around me, who are so involved in the project and who love thinking about it as much as I do. I know things are progressing in the UK; thanks to email and Skype I am in touch with Liverpool on an almost daily basis. I can't confirm much yet, but I would keep an eye on our 'Shows' page on a regular basis if I were you... Some dates have been added recently, and there will be more!

Meanwhile back in Holland, Jerney and I are preparing for our upcoming band rehearsals in May. The two of us work on our vocals in Koog aan de Zaan (with a view on the Tate & Lyle building!), while the band rehearses in Liverpool. I know they are doing a great job, but it is hard for them to rehearse without the vocals, since Kate's songs are quite intricate. The same goes for rehearsing the vocals without the band. Every once in a while we put everything together though, and I always love it when everything just falls into place! In just a couple of weeks from now we will all be united in Liverpool again...


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