It must have been about two and a half years ago when our manager at the time picked me up from a 7 hour dance rehearsal in London. I was knackered, it was cold and dark, and somewhere between London and Liverpool I realized being on a British motorway in the middle of the night was so normal it was weird. It was almost soothing, being far away from home, without much of a clue where I was, just the knowledge I was going somewhere.
For one-off shows like our show in Hastings, we travel back home straight after the show. Being a theatre show, we finish at a decent hour anyway. But Hasting is as far as could push it, and therefore this was an exception.
I was up at 7:30 on Friday, and arrived at Paul’s house an hour later. Struggling with hiring not one but two vans (while half the band and crew have a foreign driver’s licence and the most of the others don’t have a driver’s licence at all) and receiving a little message saying two of our main props were still in Camden after last weekend’s show, I was quite upset. Our assistant Claudia offered me a handkerchief and sound engineer Ben offered to stand in for the missing chair. Both of which at least made me smile a little bit.
I decided to jump into the first van to leave, as I always have a massive amount of things to do on a show day, and today I had to solve the issues the missing props presented too. The first van to leave was the van with the equipment, and I was quite happy to share it with Ben and guitarist Liam. After six hours of jokes and anecdotes about sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll, we arrived at the White Rock theatre. An hour and a half late.
The White Rock theatre is a lovely theatre on the seaside. I haven’t seen the entrance of the theatre though. I always try and have a look around when we arrive somewhere, but so far this season, I haven’t managed to do so. In fact, without Claudia, I would have gone on stage without anything to eat, wearing 15 crinkled costumes during the show. With 1.5 hours lost during the day, we got our 5 minute call while I had just started putting on my make-up. House clearance call came when I wasn’t wearing any of my radio packs yet. We ended up going on stage 9 minutes late, which kind of bugs me, but considering the day we’ve had I was kind of proud of it.
Once again the audience was lovely. After speaking to two of my biggest fans from Holland and doing an interview, most of our equipment had already been packed and ready to go. Night like these aren’t as glamourous as people think I guess. Ben and Liam had to drop off Jerney at Liverpool airport on the way home; she had to be home in Holland for a gig today. Around 4 in the morning Ben texted Paul he was ready to spoon his eyes out.
The day after the show was a tough one, and I don’t think any of us have done anything productive that day. Yesterday was one of our days off and Paul, Louis and I had a shoot for a mad music video in Sefton Park. I have mentioned this band before, when I was asked to sing some mental screams and recorded crazy whispering in Dutch instead. I was asked for the video shoot for this very song without knowing for what part. I read the script, which mentioned a cyclist, a band, three 20 year old girls who would be chasing the cyclist, and a lollipop lady. Being 38 years old and not being asked to bring any lollipop-lady-like clothes, I drew the conclusion I would be in the band playing in the park. I put on a red blouse, white trousers and some red heels. I didn’t have much choice, because after doing all the rehearsals and the shows lately I have lost some weight and this is one of two outfits I have in Liverpool that isn’t currently oversized.
When we got to Sefton Park, it turned out that there were only two girls: Hayley, who was hired through an agency, and Yvette, who happened to stay at the hostel the band leader runs. As things go, I was given the part of the third 20-year-old chasing the cyclist. It’s a good thing I can run in heels…
My first hunch was right though: I was meant to be in the band. So we decided to create another character. I pulled back my hair, put on a hat and a jumper and took off my red heels for a scene where the band is playing in the park. I haven’t seen any of the footage yet, but the people from the band were happy with the different look. I am curious though how they will solve the scene of the three girls running past the band. We have shot two versions of it: one where I’m running, and one where I’m in the band.
After shooting some picnic scenes and some nail polishing scenes, it was a wrap and we all got back to the hostel I mentioned before for some food and drinks and a chat with people from all around the world…

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    I'm exhausted just reading it. See you Wednesday!

    I'm exhausted just reading it. See you Wednesday!

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