WIth Kate's return to the stage we can say there is an epidemic Kate madness going on. Today is the day after her return to the stage, and she is all over the news. The renewed interest in Kate is quite an interesting thing for us, and I can only go with the flow and see (and enjoy) what happens.

We thought our main press week would be next week, but instead I have already squeezed in a couple of radio interviews this week. Both early in the morning, which means they didn't interfere with any of my rehearsals (only with my sleep). There is so much going on now that it's really hard to keep everyone back home updated (the fact that I don't have internet at my house yet doesn't help); my grandmother was pleasantly surprised to hear me on Dutch national radio yesterday morning, and I'm really happy she heard it!. 

This morning I had a lovely chat at BBC radio Surrey. They had been trying to contact me on Twitter last Friday, but I didn't see that until quite late that night. I was afraid my response was too late and I had lost the interview (that's happened to me before), but yesterday morning they phoned me after all! With the interview scheduled for 7:50 this morning, I got up at 7 to go to a house with actual WiFi to see what I could find about Kate's show. I have always said Kate wouldn't return to the stage unless she does it well, and according to every headline I've seen so far, I wanted to be prepared to say something about Kate's first show, but instead the questions were more in depth and more about my show than I had expected.

Meanwhile, we are in full rehearsal mode. There are band and dance rehearsals every day now. Conveniently, Monday was a bank holiday, which meant we could have a band rehearsal in a cafe around the corner that was closed for the day. Louis had driven all the way from Holland that day. He had been in several traffic jams, and went straight into that rehearsal. A can of coke and some takeaway food helped him get through the rest of the afternoon and evening, and though some of the songs need some work, we were all quite pleased with the level we're at at this stage. We have decided to rehearse the songs in the order of the actual set list to get straight into the feel and flow of the show, which helps a lot to build the show.

In our latest dance rehearsal, Hester and I have been working on some magic tricks to add to the show, which is a lot harder than it seems! I was on the verge of getting frustrated, because I couldn't get the timing right and remember the rest of the moves as well... Luckily it seemed to get better in the end. In about an hour we have to see if I can still do the routine...

Today there will be more rehearsals again, just like the rest of the week. Boring? Hardly!

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  • Kevin

    Kevin Northchurch, England

    I can't wait to see you live in November.

    I can't wait to see you live in November.

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