While the weather has been great in Liverpool ever since we got here last week, it has changed today. Thunder storms never wake me up at night, but I have been told there was a massive thunder storm last night, and it has been raining most of the day so far.

Tomorrow we will perform a set at Dartford Festival, and we are checking all weather apps and forecasts on a regular basis to see what the weather will be like. I have been told there have been thunderstorms down south as well, and we were obviously hoping the weather would be great this weekend. The last forecast I have seen predicts a warm day, with a chance of thunder storms. And obviously, that last bit worries us. We have put a massive amount of planning and work into getting ready for this festival; we usually perform a 2x 45 minute highly directed theatre show, and for our 30 minute festival set we can't use theatrical effects like blackouts and such. We have worked hard to create a festival set and we are ready and eager to perform, and we hope we will have a glorious festival Sunday afternoon...

In all my writing today, I sense a slightly worried tone. I guess I'm worrying that the weather will ruin the festival tomorrow, and the fact that things in my life seem to never go according to (my own) plan doesn't help. On the bright side: this week we have once again experienced the fact that we have a brilliant band. Plus choreographer Hester says I have grown as a dancer too, which made me really happy. So whatever happens tomorrow, we have had a very productive week, and lots of fun too.

The Dutch gang will be heading back home straight after the festival, so we need to pack our things today so we can leave tomorrow first thing. It seems to become increasingly more complicated to determine what stuff has to be in which country; we will be back here in only a couple of weeks for the first part of our tour, and we have been told we can leave some more stuff at the house if we want, which we might actually do.

Meanwhile it seems to be getting lighter again outside... Though Liverpool is quite far from Dartford, I take it as a positive sign. See you tomorrow, Dartford!


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