It's quite hard to summarize everything that has happened behind the scenes in the past couple of years in a single paragraph. The show has been evolving for years now, and all people who are involved now stepped in at different moments. Choreographer/director Hester joined our creative team in February 2013, only a week and a half before our UK tour started. When you join a show that late in the process, you basically have to work with what is already there and make the best of it without being able to dig into it too deep. It's almost like a rescue operation rather than a creative process. Luckily, Hester understands both music and theatre, and she was able to very effectively improve what we already had and make it work in the theatre.

This year however, we decided to redesign the show and have Hester involved a lot earlier in the process. By now, we have already changed some of the dance routines, and we are tweaking the set list (yes, some new songs will be added!). A couple of weeks ago, Hester already said to me that I had grown as a dancer, and that we need to find fresh imput for the older dance routines, because they tend to be technically ok, but less strong or convincing than some of the newer routines. We need to rediscover these songs, and I need to find to find a connection between the routine and what I want to express. 

Yesterday, we decided to have a brainstorm session instead of a dance rehearsal. We went through the whole set list, song by song, analyzing all the lyrics (again), trying to find new layers that we can use. We were looking for (common) themes and moods, and whatever else could be a connection between the songs in each set. I thought that would be a rather diffucult task, since a lot of Kate's songs are little stories on their own, but as it turned out it was quite easy to find a connection between the songs in each set.

We were both really pleased we have the time to dig into the show on a deeper level. I am used to digging into individual songs, but I have always designed my set lists in quite a practical way: I mainly looked at tempo, key and costume changes. Discussing the show like this was refreshing to me. After all: it is my job to express emotions on that stage, and not perform robotic accuracy (although a little of that is needed for this show too...)

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