It's probably going to be one of those days... It is now 8:30, my alarm just went off, but I have been awake and working for an hour and a half already. With our last 2014 show coming up tomorrow, we're already making plans for improving the show. 

The week before Christmas is a bit hectic for everyone, even without playing a show. For the last couple of shows (all down south), Jerney and Louis drove to the UK from Holland, but with the announcement of strikes in Belgium and ongoing trouble in Calais I thought it would be better to let them fly to Liverpool, hire a keyboard for Louis and have a proper band rehearsal in Liverpool. Which I think is still a brilliant idea, except it is now December and there is a very nasty bug going around in Liverpool and it caught Liam, while at the same time a quite nasty cold has caught Louis. So there's a good chance we won't have a full band rehearsal this time.

Even without a full rehearsal, we can have a run through with the remaining band members at some time today though, which will still be useful. Plus there's lots to do anyway... Paul and I are emailing back and forth with photographers and designers to have a new posters for 2015, we are tweaking the set list which requires a lot of thought on its own, Louis has spent the whole day yesterday programming the keyboard we hired, and we need to make sure we have all the logistics settled for tomorrow. And since this is Dreaming of Kate, we will probably encounter some unforeseen circumstances too... 

We'll deal with that when it happens; for now I will continue my day by signing a stack of Christmas cards... 


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