My friends call me Maaike Plan B; I always anticipate things going wrong, and so I usually have a plan B. I am a bit of a control freak, but I guess you have to be to put on a show like Dreaming of Kate.

This morning I got on the 6:30 bus to Schiphol, where Jerney and I would be on the 9:00 flight to Liverpool. I was well rested, made fun with the bus driver about a couple of people in orange shirts looking for a Burger King or KFC that would be open at 6:45 on a Thursday morning (clearly they had partied all night after last night's football game). The morning sun grew stronger by the minute and I was looking forward to being in Liverpool again. It felt like the start of my holiday, until at 7:12 Jerney called me she had just woken up while she was supposed to be almost at the airport. Stress level maxed out, good mood vanished, and frustration creeping up... I couldn't solve it: she missed her flight. 

As soon as I landed, we rescheduled her trip, so she'll be over here tomorrow morning. Luckily, we don't have any shows tonight (but to be fair: if we did, we would have been on a flight earlier this week), so there is no big problem, besides the stress and inconvenience. She has promised me to set two alarm clocks for tomorrow morning...

This afternoon I started with a solo dance rehearsal. Hester and I have been working on a new choreography for Running up that Hill yesterday, so I spent quite some time going over the new part again. It always takes time for a dance routine to sink in. I love dancing and singing at the same time. In some ways the dancing can make the singing harder, but it can also add something to the lyrics. Not only visually, but - like today - sometimes even vocally. 

Meanwhile there was a band rehearsal going on, of which I have attended the last hour. It was good to make some music again with these guys, though it would have been even better with backing vocals. Ah well, there'll be plenty of that next week...

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