Restarting a project under a different name is quite a challenge, so we knew continuing our show as “Dreaming of Kate” would never be easy. While we were all a part of the touring show “WOW” last year, we knew that our 2014 Dreaming of Kate tour would present us some challenges. 

I love challenges. If I didn’t, I would never have tried if I could sing upside down or whilst jumping, I would never have thought it was a good idea to perform a show with 18 costume changes and I wouldn’t even have considered being part of a band that’s based in another country. I need challenges to keep me awake and sharp and creative.
This year, we have to work with stage dimensions that vary quite a lot. I am determined to put on the best show possible everywhere, no matter how big or small the stage, so we have to be creative. We are currently looking at all the stages and brainstorming a lot. We are searching the Internet, visiting second hand shops and discussing ideas.
Jerney and I have just returned from our trip to Liverpool. Visiting Liverpool was extremely useful this time: not only did it give us the opportunity to rehearse with the full band, it also saved us all an estimated million emails about the production and performance. At the local cafe, we have had had meetings and discussions and lots of coffee. There is still a lot to do, and there are still a lot of decisions to be made, but the creativity is flowing…

 Our office for the week was this booth at the cafe around the corner

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