"You lead an interesting life, miss Breijman," a good friend of mine usually states when I give him an update on how I'm doing.

There are two sides to that line. One side is that for some reason I do seem to be presented with unusual situations. I play my first show abroad ever, and a week before the show one of my band members disappears off the face of the earth. I take a ferry from Calais to Dover and instead of crossing the Channel in an hour and a half the weather gets so bad we get stuck at sea for a whole night - a mile and a half from the hotel room I booked in Dover. I don't just get into a car accident, I get into a hit and run car accident caused by a getaway car, ending in a spectacular car chasing by the only eye witness. My car is totalled and the police file ends up containing a false statement from someone, but I end up absolutely fine except for a couple of bruises and the annoyance of dealing with an insurance company that is unwilling to pay because of the false statement. And all of these times, my friends just nod and think "of course this happens to Maaike".

The other side is that I don't want to life my life being afraid of the opportunities I get, so - despite being a control freak - I like to embrace whatever is being handed to me. I might make bold decisions because of that fact, but for me it is the only way to live my life, and to get the most out of it. 

I was supposed to fly to Liverpool yesterday evening, but instead I got presented with an opportunity requiring me to be there instantly last weekend. So by now I have been here for a couple of days and in these couple of days I have bought a house and made plans to relocate. Which complicated answering the question I got during both my interviews yesterday, with NOS in Holland and with the New York Times: "So where are you based?"

After those two interviews I had a meeting with a band here in Liverpool who were looking for a female backing vocalist for the album they're recording and I ended up in their studio to listen to some music (instead of Skypeing with some friends in Holland). They're a rather unusual band; they are quite inhibited in what they write and record, which results in some interesting songs. I'm used to being asked for rather high and angelic backing vocals, but these guys basically requested a lot of quirkiness, howling and screaming (and a couple of angelic lines). I will have a go at that tomorrow after my dance rehearsal... today I will let their songs sink into my head (after my meeting with our friends of Liverpool Live TV)

As you can tell: things are still moving here, and I don't expect it to get any quieter any time soon... Especially not with both Kate and myself being on stage again soon. It might be a good thing summer seems to have come to an end with all the things that still need to be done: at least in the rain I am not tempted to go out and sit in the park...

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