It's quite rare for me to be nervous for a show, but I was kind of nervous to be joining The Security Project on stage a couple of weeks ago. There were two reasons for that. For starters, due to logistics, there was no way we could rehearse. And furthermore, I would be on stage with some brilliant musicians, including Jerry Marotta (who has worked with Peter Gabriel, and with Kate herself) and Trey Gunn (King Crimson). I usually don't really question my abilities as a singer, but these are world famous musicians and I ehm... am not!
The show was in De Boerderij in Holland, where I had been playing exactly a week prior to this gig. The staff at the venue and the musicians (whom, apart from lead singer Brian, I did not know) were very kind, even with the stress of the first show of a tour and a lead singer arriving late at the venue due to inconvenient travel times and traffic jams.

It was nice to be able to walk around the venue a bit, something I rarely get to do, because I am usually on stage myself. I could tell there was an overlap in our audiences, and when Brian and Jerry introduced me as The Dutch Kate Bush (that nickname will never go away I guess), I could hear people in the audience yell "Maaike!", which gave me a smile from ear to ear! Due to the lack of rehearsal, we were not able to perform "Don't give up", but we chose to play "Games without frontiers", which was a first for me, so at least a unique event for the people who were at that show!

In the week after, I finally moved my cats to Liverpool; I guess that's the main reason of my lack of social network activity lately. It was quite stressful taking them abroad, and it felt like that was the moment of my official move. I had been worried beforehand that there would be something wrong with one of my cat’s chips, so I had taken her to the vet in Holland to have it checked, and the vet assured me it worked fine. And then for some reason in the port of Calais the chip couldn’t be read the first time round! Luckily, a second try was more successful, and I could hardly believe we had made it into the UK without any further trouble (knowing the amount of unexpected things we usually have when we’re travelling with Dreaming of Kate).

Now the cats have completely adjusted to their new home, I have gotten back into the routine of singing and dancing, and Dreaming of Kate is looking at a weekend with two shows: tomorrow we’ll be in the Corn Exchange in Newbury, and the day after, we’ll be in Uckfield’s Trading Boundaries! Looking forward!

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