So the new year is a fact for Dreaming of Kate.

Due to an unexpected death in the family, I have spent a couple of weeks in Holland this month and only flew back to Liverpool Friday evening, the day before our first show of the year. On a show day, I am usually quite focused and looking forward to performing, but this time I had a bit of a hard time imagining myself on stage that same night. The headache I woke up with didn’t help…

After a journey through a lot of beautiful snowy hills, we arrived at Lincolns Theatre Royal: a gorgeous old theatre, which I always love. The staff were very kind and welcoming too, which was exactly what I needed after the bumpy start of the year. We were instantly shown the way to the green room for coffee and tea (where we found a gorgeous throne there too and started joking about me performing the whole show sitting on that throne). The backstage area is quite impractical, but I loved it. It seems like it was originally an alley, converted into dressing rooms that are only accessible via tiny stairs. Jerney and I could wave from our dressing room to the guys in their dressing room across the alley. 

Lacking our assistant for the costumes and props for the night, Jerney and I split the ironing between the two of us, and made a plan for the night to make sure all the props were taken care of and moved when they had to be moved. Since I am dealing with a lot of costume changes in between songs, and Jerney occasionally has some tasks to fill the gaps caused by my costume changes, we had to be a bit creative, but we managed to make a plan that covered everything.

We had our usual share of technical issues during setting up and sound checking, this time most of which were caused by what we think might have been a local taxi company using the same frequency for their radios as we use for my microphone. After changing the frequency all was fine though, and we quickly had to sound check and get changed for the show. 

As soon as we started performing, I  was back where I should be. The headache had gone and I could morph into my role once again. My voice did everything it was supposed to do, and I could once again enjoy the show thoroughly!

During every show, there are a couple of things that go wrong, even though the audience usually doesn’t even notice them. It is our job to fix these things and pretend what is happening is supposed to happen. For us though, these mistakes (along with the response of the audience) are what makes a certain show memorable, either in a good or in a bad way. So yesterday, in the first set, I dragged Jerney to the side of the stage, and bumped into one of the wooden boards on the side of the stage. I can never see where I’m going in this particular bit (since I’m walking backwards), but in most theatres there are curtains and no wooden boards… At the end of the set, in Them Heavy People, I got distracted when I noticed a golden bracelet on the stage. It turns out it was Jerney’s and she probably lost in during Violin. In the second set, I was still in my underwear when I heard the band starting Cloudbusting (obviously too early!), which is one of my most difficult costume changes. I don’t know how I managed to get changed sort of in time, but I did, except I still had a hair pin in my hand when I had to enter the stage, and not all my hair was tucked away under the cap the way it should be. Miraculously though, this was the first time the wires in my neck from my microphone and in ear monitors didn’t get tangled up in my hair to cause a problem. Also memorable: the guy sitting upstairs who pointed back at me during The Big Sky. I think that was a first!

Meeting the audience after the show was great, everyone was warm and enthusiastic to suit the feel of the whole theatre. Hopefully we’ll be back next year!

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