We started 2016 with a practically sold out show in the Stables in Milton Keynes; I’d say that’s a pretty good start of the year! 

Our van broke down recently and it couldn’t be repaired in time for this show, so we had to use my car this weekend. I still drive a Dutch car and while Paul has driven European cars before, he wasn’t 100% comfortable to drive it, so I knew I would have to drive a big part of the journey myself. Not ideal before having to dance a whole show, but sometimes there’s no other…

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In the past couple of weeks, I have started writing several blogs, but never had enough time to finish one. Too much has been going on to keep a log and time passed two quickly. Each day was filled with working on several projects at once, which I don’t think is too healthy. But sometimes you have no choice but to go with the flow, even if it’s an enormous tidal wave. 

In only a couple of weeks, we have had some amazing shows in Holland, we have had the try out for our new UNPLUGGED show (which was nerve…Read more


For some reason, no matter how well organized we are, or how smoothly things seem to go, something unforeseen always happens. A friend asked me not too long ago why unexpected things always happen to people like him and me while a lot of people's lives always go according to their plan. I think it's because people like me (and him) secretly like it when things go wrong. It takes creativity to fix unexpected things, and it feels rewarding if you have manage to avert a crisis.

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Saturday, 14-11-2015

On a morning when all of Europe is in shock about the attacks is Paris, it seems a bit strange to write a blog about some show in a theatre in a town somewhere in England. But as I refuse to surrender to hate or fear, I will continue to write it anyway.

To be fair, the first part of the day was not interesting at all. We left in time, traffic wasn’t too bad and the weather and the scenery were gorgeous. The downside was the lack of a proper motorway all the way to Peterborough.

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One of the frustrating parts of my job is having to keep secrets. Not state secrets, life threatening secrets or anything major like that, but sometimes we have to work on things before we can tell the public what we're up to. And it can be frustrating to not being able to share what currently keeps you occupied day and night.

One thing I can now finally reveal: we are working on a second Dreaming of Kate show. One that we have been considering for a while now, as requested by some of our fans after having…Read more


A couple of days ago, I received a text message from my worried mother. I hadn’t posted a blog about our shows last weekend. It’s a bit unlike me not to write about a show, which is why my mother asked if I was OK. Don’t get me wrong: I usually speak to her several times a week, so it’s not as if she has to read my blog to know what I’m up to. But she takes comfort in reading my stories; they confirm that I’m OK (and haven’t fallen off a stage).

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In 2010, I performed in Belfast, where I am now known as ‘the girl who fell off a stage’. At the Belfast Taste and Music Fest, I jumped off the stage barefooted, slipped and fell. Evidently, grass gets slippery when it’s wet, and it sure is wet when it has rained throughout three quarters of your performance. I didn’t hurt myself, but unfortunately for me, someone who has seen that show now lives in Liverpool and tells the story about a Dutch girl who fell off the stage during a Kate Bush tribute…Read more


Fall seems to be early this year, and as a result, so is the flu.

On Friday, I woke up with a chesty cough, dry eyes and a feverish temperature. Not the kind I normally would stay home for, but with a show coming up the next day and a recording session planned next week, I couldn’t really risk getting any sicker. A day of resting on my couch - with my cat asleep on my lap whilst stretching herself to new lengths - did me good.

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Alarm. Breakfast, coffee, checking messages. Keyboard player Louis' and backing vocalist Jerneys flight is delayed. I knew we had taken a huge risk letting them fly on the day of a show, but we had no other option this time. If the situation wasn't so stressful, I would have performed a told-you-so dance.

On the phone with drummer Paul to discuss our new departure time from Liverpool. Chelmsford is a long, long drive. ETA of the plane: 11:15. Our ideal departure time from Liverpool: 9:30. I ask…Read more


It sounds glamourous: being a musician. You get to sleep in till late, put on your sun glasses, drive to a venue, hop off the van, play a couple of tunes, get applause, get into the van again and when you get back home you get to hang out with your cool friends (or: you go to your hotel room and have lots of parties before wrecking the place).

So yesterday’s show was in Andover, which is a four hour drive from Liverpool. That is if traffic isn’t too bad (but unfortunately, there’s always the 24-7 traffic jam…Read more